Magnet is a fashionable headphone wire management solution - Great add-on to IPods, MP3´s and mobile devices headphones.

Magnet is a patented product that is the ultimate management solution to tangled cords. It is a two piece unit, using magnets which you can fasten to almost any clothing solving the "to long - messy wires" problem. The fashionable solution keeps the wire close to your body, eliminating headphone yank and pull.

The wire solution product is so easy in use. Simply slide the magnetic yo-yo-ish unit apart, place the front bit on your shirt and secure it in place with the back bit. Wind any excess cable into Magneat’s hidden clutches.

Magneat core benefits are the following; Cord management that guarantees no more messed up wires. Weight reduction, adds comfort to your ears. Magnet is easy to storage when not in use. The product offers great protection and adds life to earphones. The solution is easy attachment to clothing and other locations and is collectable and fashionable.

Magneat is ideal design product for: Commuters, Joggers, Gym bunnies, Cyclists, Musicians, Skateboarders, Fashionistas, Collectors and anyone else who loves music but hates dangly wires. Magneat is a great gift, an add-on to headphone’s IPods, MP3´s and mobile / device purchases.